RED Marketing follows a six-step process from brand analysis to implementation.


 Once you partner with us, we embark on our ‘tried and test’ approach to brand analysis. We analysis your brand’s internal and external environment. With this understanding as the foundation, we build customised plan for your brand. To get to where we’re going, we need to have a realistic and accurate understanding of our starting point with the brand analysis.  Understanding your products, internal operations, target market, and customer experience against competitors is your greatest advantage when it comes to communication.




With a thorough understanding of your DNA, our Marketing Agency in Johannesburg we use our skills and experience to combine the perfect solution of elements for your needs. We customise communication channels, tone, language and timelines for your brand to drive awareness, growth and engagement.


We believe in an approach which meets your needs and drives your objectives. As such, we test concepts, campaigns and audience reactions over the initial period of working with you. Testing allows for the identification of the nuances which are relevant to your brand and audience. It also allows the team to understand what works, not just what is perceived to be effective.


Fine tuning your brand’s communication approach is a subtle art. It’s where we combine our years of experience with the results of the testing phase and adapt the strategy to mirror the personality and customer experience of our brand.


The most important component of this entire process is the customer. Your customer! Everything we do for your brand focuses on your customer’s experiences. A brand’s vision should be from the outside-in; understanding how the customer sees and experiences your brand. We implement your communication strategy across the most appropriate channels, with customised content and using the right balance of media and advertising to meet these needs.


We don’t stop there. Complacency is not a word that rolls off our tongues, so once we reach the perfect solution, we go back to the beginning to continuously ensure your approach is up-to-date and relevant for you.

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