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Brand Analysis in South Africa

At RED Marketing, we offer top-notch brand development services. Our approach is guided by a comprehensive six-step process, ensuring a seamless journey from brand analysis to successful implementation.

Brand Analysis, Our Process – Brand Analysis


Once you partner with us, we embark on our tried-and-tested RED Marketing approach to brand analysis. We analyse your brand’s internal and external environment. With this understanding as the foundation, we build a customised plan for your brand. Understanding your products, internal operations and target market and customer experience against competitors is your greatest advantage when it comes to communication.

Brand Analysis, Our Process – Brand Analysis


Drawing upon a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s DNA, we leverage our expertise to craft the ideal blend of elements. Through meticulous customisation of communication channels, tone, language and timelines, we drive brand awareness, fuel growth and foster engagement, ensuring that your brand’s message resonates with your target audience.

Brand Analysis, Our Process – Brand Analysis


We embrace an approach that aligns with your unique needs. To achieve this, we adopt a testing mindset, where we experiment with concepts during the initial phase of our collaboration. Through rigorous testing, we uncover the subtleties that hold significance for your brand and target audience, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of what yields tangible results.

Brand Analysis, Our Process – Brand Analysis


Fine-tuning the communication approach for your brand is a delicate and nuanced art. With the insights gained from the testing phase, we adapt the strategy to mirror the distinctive personality and customer experience of your brand. By combining our years of expertise with the data gathered, we optimise the strategy to ensure it resonates with your target audience, fostering a strong and meaningful connection.

Brand Analysis, Our Process – Brand Analysis


At the heart of this process lies your customers. Our focus is centred on enhancing their experience with your brand. We believe that a brand’s vision should be shaped from the outside in, gaining a profound understanding of how your customers perceive and interact with it. Guided by this approach, we implement your strategy across the most suitable channels.

Brand Analysis, Our Process – Brand Analysis


Our commitment to brand development goes beyond mere satisfaction. Complacency is not in our vocabulary, which is why even after arriving at the ideal solution, we never cease to refine and improve. We consistently revisit the initial stages, ensuring that your approach remains up-to-date and relevant to meet the ever-changing demands of your brand and its audience.


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