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Our top 3 AI tools for digital marketers

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May 16, 2023

There’s no denying it – developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have started to impact work everywhere, including digital marketing. If you’re a digital marketer or an e-commerce entrepreneur, taking advantage of AI-powered marketing tools should be a part of your game plan. Below, we’ll discuss our top 3 AI tools for digital marketers that you can use today. These powerful additions to any marketing team can help you optimise your campaigns, improve customer engagement, drive sales and significantly reduce the time it takes to complete tasks.

The benefits of using AI tools for digital marketers

Whenever AI or automation comes up, the first thing that comes to mind is the fear of mass unemployment. Our take on this is that it’s nothing new. People had the same fear back during the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. The Luddites, a secret oath-based organisation of English textile workers, were literally going around with sledgehammers and destroying textile machinery. Mass job losses were predicted, but history tells us that, in fact, jobs were created and living standards improved. While there’s little doubt that AI is impacting jobs, digital marketers can learn to leverage AI tools to diversify their skillset and see better results from campaigns. Today’s AI tools for digital marketers have a huge amount of growth potential.

AI tools for digital marketers you’ll need in 2023

  1. For copywriting: ChatGPT

Ready or not, they’re here! AI has been making a splash in the content generation space. As a digital marketer, AI copywriting tools can be your new BFF – if you know how to use them. To save time and supercharge your marketing efforts (without making you redundant), we recommend the sophisticated and highly versatile ChatGPT. One of the most recognisable AI copywriting tools, its chat-style interface is easy for digital marketers to start using right away – even if you’ve never heard of AI copywriting before. Not only can ChatGPT understand what you’re asking, but it also remembers the history of your conversation and adjusts its responses accordingly. It’s well suited to content marketers who want to bolster production of articles and reports. ChatGPT is unlimited and free to use, or there’s ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month.

  1. For digital advertising: Albert

Digital advertising is inherently hit-and-miss. Or at least it was prior to the dawn of AI. With advancements in creative AI, many tools have surfaced that enable digital marketers to design fresh and innovative ad content. Our top pick is Albert, a cloud-based AI platform that plugs into your existing paid search and social accounts and operates them. This digital marketing tool digital marketing tool can target the right audience and encourage them to click on your ad. It’s also smart enough to perform trial runs, predict campaign analytics, optimise keywords and ad creatives, align outcomes with business goals, allocate ad budget and place bids. Essentially, Albert makes ad campaigns more relevant and less wasteful. It allows cross-channel marketing for all major platforms (like Google, Instagram and YouTube) and has a pricing plan to fit any budget.

  1. For graphic design: Jasper Art

Jasper Art is an incredibly useful AI tool for graphic designers – or anyone looking to get creative with their visuals in a fun, easy way. By harnessing the power of AI, this digital marketing tool can take a written prompt or a picture and generate stunning images in just a few clicks. For example, you might say, “a mountainous landscape made up of intricate geometric patterns” or “a city skyline with the style of a Van Gogh painting”. We love that Jasper Art offers high-resolution images with royalty-free commercial use, no watermark and unlimited generations. We also find it faster and easier to use than searching for stock images ourselves. Pricing starts at $24 per user per month with a 5-day free trial, and users can generate up to 200 images during the trial period. also has an AI writing tool that can improve writing.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the future of digital marketing, but you can leave the heavy lifting to our top 3 AI tools for digital marketers. They’re remarkably good at creating copy, ads and images. Let us know your thoughts on using AI tools in the comments belo

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