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At RED Marketing, our team of skilled public relations (PR) specialists are the guardians of your brand’s reputation and image. We are experts in cultivating meaningful relationships with the media, the public and other key stakeholders, ensuring that your brand’s image shines brightly. Whether it’s promoting a positive image or managing communication during a crisis, we are your trusted advisors, armed with strategic insights, creative ideas and tactical support. Our mission is simple: to empower our clients to thrive by building a stellar reputation, boosting brand awareness and driving unparalleled business success through effective communication and authentic connections with their target audience. Together, let’s shape the narrative and make your brand’s story a resounding success.

RED Marketing’s team of public relations (PR) specialists are responsible for managing the reputation and image of a brand or individual. We work to build relationships with the media, the public and other stakeholders to promote a positive image and manage communication during a crisis. We provide strategic advice, creative ideas and tactical support to help our clients succeed in their communication efforts. Our goal is to help clients build a positive reputation, increase brand awareness, and drive business success through effective communication and relationship-building with their target audience.

Facilitating print and digital coverage is an essential aspect of our comprehensive public relations services. We excel at connecting your brand with media outlets and online platforms to secure valuable exposure and coverage. Our team establishes strong relationships with journalists, editors and influencers to ensure that your brand’s story is effectively communicated to the right audiences through various channels.

Relationship management is at the core of our approach to public relations and marketing. We understand the importance of fostering strong and positive relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, media outlets, influencers and the public. Our team excels in building and nurturing these relationships, ensuring open lines of communication, trust and collaboration.

In times of crisis, our team is equipped to handle and manage challenging situations with a proactive and strategic approach. Crisis management is a critical aspect of our services, as we understand the impact that unexpected events can have on a brand’s reputation and public perception. Our crisis management experts are skilled in swiftly assessing and responding to crises, implementing effective communication strategies and mitigating potential damage.

When faced with a crisis, having a well-crafted holding statement is like having a strong shield to protect your brand’s reputation. Holding statements allow you to address the situation swiftly, while showing empathy and a commitment to resolving the issue. Our team is experienced in developing effective holding statements that strike the right tone and provide reassurance to stakeholders while the situation unfolds.

In the fast-paced world of media and communication, press releases play a crucial role in effectively disseminating important information about your brand or business. They serve as official announcements, capturing the attention of journalists, influencers and the public. Our team of experienced writers and PR specialists know how to craft compelling press releases that grab attention, tell your story and generate media coverage.

PR campaigns are dynamic and strategic initiatives designed to shape public perception, generate buzz and enhance brand reputation. Our team of PR experts excels at crafting creative and targeted PR campaigns that align with your business objectives. From developing captivating story angles to executing media outreach and managing influencer collaborations, we take a holistic approach to ensure maximum impact and engagement.

Media engagement is a vital component of any successful PR strategy. It involves building relationships with journalists, editors and media professionals to secure media coverage and amplify your brand’s message. Our team of PR experts is skilled in media engagement, leveraging their extensive network and industry knowledge to connect with key media outlets and influencers.

In the vast realm of digital media, we know how to make a splash! Our PR campaigns are fuelled by electrifying digital media engagement that sparks conversations, captures attention and ignites brand buzz. We dive headfirst into the digital landscape, connecting with influencers, dominating social media platforms and captivating online communities. From crafting compelling social media stories to orchestrating jaw-dropping collaborations with digital stars, we create a buzz that reverberates across the digital realm.

We help clients organise, promote and create social buzz around products and brands. Media events are events that are organised by our PR professionals to generate media coverage and increase brand exposure. These events are typically designed to capture the attention of journalists, bloggers, influencers and other members of the media, and to provide them with an opportunity to experience a brand or product first-hand.

We understand the power of surprise and delight, and our team knows how to create unforgettable experiences for influencers and journalists. We curate thoughtful and unique gifts that align with your brand’s essence, ensuring that each package delivers a lasting impression. Whether it’s an exclusive product launch or a special occasion, our gifting and press drops will have recipients eagerly sharing their experiences and spreading the word about your brand.

In the dynamic realm of influencer identification, we uncover the extraordinary individuals who possess the power to captivate and sway audiences on social media. These digital tastemakers wield influence that transcends industries, spanning the realms of beauty, fashion, technology, finance and beyond. Through our meticulous process, we unearth the stars who hold the key to impacting opinions and driving purchasing decisions. Get ready to unlock endless possibilities as we connect your brand with the influential voices that will ignite your success.

Unleash the power of influential individuals who connect with your target audience by partnering with our expert team for impactful influencer recruitment.

Ignite the potential of strategic partnerships and unlock exciting collaborative opportunities with our expert team, who specialise in partnership activation to drive brand growth and maximise mutual benefits.

Our influencer content briefing and guidance services empower influencers with valuable insights and strategic direction, enabling them to create engaging and authentic content that effectively communicates your brand’s message to their followers and drives meaningful audience engagement.

Our influencer campaign management services take care of all the intricate details of your influencer marketing campaigns. We handle everything from identifying the right influencers for your brand to coordinating collaborations, negotiating contracts, managing content creation and tracking campaign performance.

We keep a close eye on the performance of influencer campaigns, analysing engagement rates, reach, conversions and other key metrics to ensure optimal results and inform future strategies.

We facilitate paid partnerships between brands and influencers, ensuring seamless collaboration and effective promotional campaigns.

Our influencer ambassador programs establish long-term relationships with influencers, leveraging their influence to authentically promote brands and build strong brand loyalty.

Engaging with audiences, our influencer giveaways and competitions create excitement, drive participation and generate buzz around brands and their products.

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