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Brand Development with a wealth of expert-level experience spanning multiple industry verticals – including retail, automotive, beauty and fashion, food and beverage as well as startups – our team at RED Marketing has honed their skills to perfection. We firmly believe in the power of direct collaboration with our clients, recognising that it is the key to transforming captivating experiences into reality. Across these diverse industries, we have been instrumental in launching new brands, facilitating expansion and revitalising existing ones, consistently delivering exceptional and often unforeseen results.

Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Brands we've


With a wealth of expert-level experience spanning multiple industry verticals – including retail, automotive, beauty and fashion, food and beverage as well as startups – our team at RED Marketing has honed their skills to perfection. We firmly believe in the power of direct collaboration with our clients, recognising that it is the key to transforming captivating experiences into reality. Across these diverse industries, we have been instrumental in launching new brands, facilitating expansion and revitalising existing ones, consistently delivering exceptional and often unforeseen results.

Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials


“The most successful marketer becomes part of the lives of their followers. They follow back. They wish happy birthday. They handle problems their customers have with products or service. They grow their businesses and brands by involving themselves in their own communities.”

These are the words we live by in everything we do. At our digital marketing agency in London, we eat, sleep and breathe the brands we work with. They’re at the centre of everything we do. A great testimonial tells a story – one that inspires and motivates.

We have been working with RED marketing since 2010 at which point our company was significantly smaller. 13 Years later, and now the largest independent distributor of Comsetics in SA with our own in- house PR department, we still use RED to manage PR specific projects for us from time to time, and enjoy working with them. RED offers a wide range of expertise and delivers consistent results.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Cindy Nell-Roberts
CEO - Cosmetix (Miss South-Africa 2002)
It is with pleasure that I write to advise that I (along with my teams) have been working with RED Marketing over the last three years in the various shopping centres under my portfolio. The RED Marketing team have shown consistent and considerable support in multifaceted marketing disciplines that stretch beyond what they ultimately describe in their list of services offered. The RED Marketing team have never hesitated to stretch themselves into unchartered territory for our teams in order to achieve more than the ordinary and much more than most would. We take pride and do appreciate their involvement in our brainstorming days where they challenge us to go further, and the outcomes are truly inspired. Our marketing initiatives require knowledge and work into very different community types across the country; from high end urban centres to the township vibes; the RED Marketing team have stepped up and served these communities with the best every time; from social media page management to appropriate and well-structured design to media bookings that pointedly maximise the right exposure in the right places across both print and digital platforms. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and they all enthusiastically step up and help us step forward. We have been privileged to be able to work with RED Marketing and only wish them strengthened success into their bright future.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Kelly Carmichael
Asset Manager Retail - Fortress Fund
We initially approached Daniel and his team to design our website. However, after seeing RED Marketing's high quality work, we asked them to design brand-new labels for our Commercial, Free-Range and Value-Added lines as well. The team's designs really uplifted our entire brand and we've been receiving amazing feedback from customers! Plus, their turnaround time was quick, which meant that we were able to get our product on the shelves, looking great, much sooner than we had anticipated. We've since approached RED Marketing to assist us in designing truck branding and email signatures, and will definitely use them again for any future projects. It's been a joy working with the team.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
William Liebenberg
Business Manager of Crest Choice Chicken
RED Marketing is the best digital marketing agency I’ve had the privilege of working with – it’s been a joyous experience and my business has grown. The team is timeous and professional... it’s like magic! Thank you, team RED Marketing.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Elvene Vonk
Sales Manager - Jaguar Land Rover
RED Marketing is one of the first PR agencies I engaged with over a decade ago. I met managing director Daniel Calbacho when I attended a swanky event they hosted for one of their clients in Johannesburg, whilst I working as online editor for a magazine. I remember being drawn to Daniel’s ability to “command the room”, which in hindsight is a perfect trait to have when running a communications agency. Having remained in the PR and marketing industry all these years later, we’ve maintained a close working relationship, making RED Marketing a team that I’ve always been able to depend on. The support received from RED Marketing — while managing a number of local and international brands in my role as marketing manager for a fashion retail company — made a substantial difference in the prioritisation of my daily tasks. I always felt that I could rely on the team to carry on with what they were commissioned to do without needing to hold their hand. RED Marketing supported me for over 5 years with general PR duties, social media management for one of our international brands, content writing and event management. The team’s knowledge of digital marketing practices added value in growing our digital footprint. What’s more, knowing that they were within reach at any time of the day was of great comfort to me. Always professional, always reliable and always willing to go the extra mile is the service I’ve received from RED Marketing. I’d most certainly recommend them as a leading communication agency.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Elesha Stewart
former Marketing Manager of The Europa Art Group
We’ve had a great relationship with RED over the past few years. We really appreciated the commitment and assistance of your team members at all hours, including over weekends and through our moments of crisis. We really appreciate all your team’s hard work
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Najeeba Ebrahim
Marketing Manager - Liberty Promenade Shopping Centre
I recently had the pleasure of working with RED Marketing and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results they achieved for my wellness business. From start to finish, the RED Marketing team demonstrated a deep understanding of my company’s needs, DNA and culture, and worked tirelessly to ensure that our goals were met.

The team’s expertise in all areas of digital marketing allowed them to craft a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy, including logo design, content creation and website/domain management that perfectly suited our needs. They were always available to answer any questions I had and provided regular updates on progress, so I knew exactly where we stood. The team exceeded my expectations in all aspects - their professionalism and the results of their work are truly impressive!

Overall, I cannot recommend this digital marketing company enough. They’re truly experts in their field and are dedicated to achieving exceptional results for their clients. If you’re looking for a digital marketing partner that can take your business to the next level, look no further than RED Marketing.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Alyssa Arendse
Founder of
If you’re after speed, professional feedback and an educated team that understands the nuances within marketing then look no further. Daniel and his team are absolutely on top of things! With my local and international ad agency experience, constant analytical and strategy obsessions, endless creative and destination creations, high energy that holds no normal hours, moonlight delivery turnaround times, demand for on-point copywriting skills and most importantly my pedantic nature in terms of seamless execution. I can simply say… RED Marketing ticks every box. Contact me on Linkedin so I can give this team all the credit they well deserve.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Karin Vermeulen
Property Manager of Legacy Group
The famous words “ain’t no mountain high enough” from Marvin Gaye come to mind when I reference the incredible service RED Marketing provides. They’ve demonstrated utmost dedication and professionalism over the years that we’ve worked together. The team continues to enormously grow our digital footprint through engaging, data-driven content. The team adapts very well to not only clients’ requests, but our customers’ requests and input. I can call on them anytime with new ideas and strategies, which they’re always ready to help bring to life. RED Marketing’s work speaks for itself. I started seeing the proof in the pudding when our competitors mimicked our social media pages’ style and texture of communication to suit their messaging. Evaton Mall is now the leader of the pack!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Mpho Liau
Marketing Manager of Evaton Mall
The Beauty Bag has experienced unparalleled success in our partnership with RED Marketing, thanks to their exceptional expertise in traditional PR and influencer marketing. The team’s adept copywriting skills have significantly contributed to the creation of top-notch social media and press release content for our portfolio of international beauty brands. RED Marketing’s commitment, efficiency and 24/7 support make them a highly recommended partner – always on and ready to deliver outstanding results!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Riashin Pillay
CEO of The Beauty Bag
Bespoke Marketing Consulting is extremely grateful to RED Marketing for their assistance to our on-site team during our time managing the marketing for Mall of Africa. The RED Marketing team was an absolute pleasure to work with – they were totally invested in our brand and played an integral role, offering unwavering support as well developing positive professional relationships with the retail tenants of the mall. RED Marketing offered us the most up-to-date insights and resources available in the industry and went above and beyond. The team was always flexible and easily adapted to the ever-changing, fast-paced shopping centre environment. Bespoke looks forward to working together again in the future!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Sheree McHaffie
Founder & Managing Director – Bespoke Marketing Consulting
It was an absolute delight to deal with the RED Marketing team. They designed my E-commerce website as well as wrote my biography and press release. They excelled in everything they did for me! Daniel, Carissa and Candice were so patient with me, answering all my questions and guiding me along the way. I look forward to my future campaigns with the RED Marketing team, as I know I've chosen the right partner to help me grow my business.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Sonette Donker
Owner -
The RED Marketing team has always been reliable with responding on our social media pages (even after hours and during the holidays), in tune with the latest trends in photography and graphic design, and have given our brand a fresh new look. I can highly recommend building your business with RED Marketing like we did!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Ajinder Kaur
Owner of Ghazal
I worked with RED Marketing for several years in my capacity as Communications Manager of Sandton City Shopping Centre, where the RED team handled all the social media for the shopping centre. They were a pleasure to work with and consistently delivered great work, which resulted in a substantial increase in the number of followers and the amount of engagement on our social media pages. The RED Marketing account executives were enthusiastic, grasped our brand well and had an in-depth understanding of our requirements. They were dedicated to providing original, quality content across all platforms. In fact, a more dedicated team you won’t find (in every sense of the word), as they always put us first; willingly and cheerfully working weekends and after hours as the job required. They were also experts in crisis communication and excelled in guiding and advising us. I have nothing but praise for Daniel and his team, and would not hesitate to recommend RED Marketing. They’re by far the best digital marketing company I have worked with!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Kerry Phillips
Former communications and PR Manager of Sandton City
I recently decided to go ‘online’ and give my business a social media presence. Not knowing much about marketing and advertising, I felt completely lost in my attempts to promote myself on social media. Trying to employ different people for different tasks didn’t work very well as it was difficult for me to coordinate everything myself. But after meeting with Daniel, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. RED Marketing is a very well-organised agency that can take care of literally everything that makes one feel professionally promoted and advertised. It’s supported by young, enthusiastic professionals who are always ready to assist you and translate creative ideas into innovation. I’m so impressed with the efficiency, availability, creativity and flexibility of the team, from the photographers and graphic designers to the website developers and social media content specialists. The communication is easy and I’ve never experienced such fast-growing numbers of followers on my social media pages. I’m stress-free and well taken care of. Thank you RED Marketing - now I’m able do what I love and simultaneously build my brand in an extremely professional way!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Dr Eva Siolo
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Starting a company during lockdown was daunting enough for me. So many things were happening at once: clients wanting deliverables, broadcasters needing episodes and suppliers waiting to be paid. However, my business had no online presence... I needed a website. I heard about RED Marketing, and the rest is history. I have never in my life worked with people who are so on top of their game. Daniel and Carissa were so spectacularly professional; a trait that’s not very common these days. I cannot tell you how absolutely blown away I was when I saw the mockup website within just a few days. A pure feeling of pride overcame me, along with a sense of I am going to take over the world with my new website!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Devin O’Malley
Owner - It's Real Media
We recently approached RED Marketing to assist in creating a new website for our 3 companies under the Planet Holdings umbrella. We had lost faith in PR Agencies due to previous poor experiences which caused a lot of stress and left us significantly out of pocket with little to show for it.
South African based PR agency RED Marketing recently opened a branch in London. We set up a Teams call with their director Daniel and web designer Carissa to provide a brief of our new website expectation. From the offset Daniel and Carissa were extremely pleasant and professional to deal with. They instantly seemed to comprehend our brand and were invested to meet our website and overall marketing needs in a very short time frame. RED Marketing literally provided a website template for us to review wihthin 3 days. We were truly impressed with the efficiency of their work, the creative design and their valuable input. It was a refreshing change to deal with such a professional company who are totally committed to fulfilling our expectations. We can highly recommend their services as we continue our relationship into the future of our companies growth.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Mark Latham
Former CEO | Ecotech Holdings
It has been wonderful working with you and your amazing team!
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Lana Maree-Arendse
Senior Marketing Manager - Sandton City & Nelson Mandela Square
I am happy to recommend the excellent services of RED Marketing. This remarkable creative agency has their finger on the pulse 247. Their passion, enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to go above and beyond were some of the qualities that they exemplify. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of working with their dynamic team.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Toni Jabour
Smile Foundation - Marketing Manager
We worked with RED Marketing on developing the concept, design and delivery of our new website. They brought a great deal of experience to the project, and we were impressed by how fast they were able to appreciate and visually articulate what we were trying to achieve. We found them always responsive, helpful and willing to provide constructive advice and insight as the development proceeded. We are very happy with the results, and it has been a pleasure to work with such a professional team. I would not hesitate to recommend RED Marketing and look forward to working with them again.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
James Adams
Director of Maconda Solutions
Our partnership with RED Marketing has been nothing short of transformative over the past three years. Entrusting them with the management of our shopping centres’ social media accounts and websites has proven to be a strategic decision that significantly impacted our online presence. RED Marketing’s commitment to excellence and their profound understanding of social media dynamics have led to tangible increases in viewer interaction across our digital platforms. What sets RED Marketing apart is not just their technical expertise, but their ability to grasp the nuances of our target audience. Their social media marketing strategies are not generic; rather, they are tailored to resonate with our specific demographic, resulting in heightened engagement and responses. This personalised approach has undoubtedly contributed to the success we’ve experienced in expanding our online community. Working closely with Daniel and his team has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, creativity and dedication to achieving results are evident in every campaign and initiative they undertake.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Celia Nyathi
Centre Manager | JHI Retail PTY LTD | Pineslopes Shopping Centre
I had the pleasure of partnering with RED Marketing from 2004 to 2019, and the experience was truly outstanding. Throughout our 15-year collaboration, their highly capable team provided comprehensive public relations services, playing a pivotal role in elevating the HANNON cosmetics brand. With their expertise in crafting proactive press releases, orchestrating strategic press drops, and executing successful product launches, RED Marketing demonstrated a keen understanding of the cosmetics industry. Their commitment to securing impactful product placements across diverse media channels significantly contributed to our brand’s success. I wholeheartedly recommend RED Marketing for their proficiency in brand building, especially within the cosmetics space.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Hannon Bothma
Brand Owner of HANNON
Working with RED Marketing has been a pleasure. They’re highly professional, quick to address any requests and have created a brand I’m proud of. Daniel and Carissa’s expertise has not only met but exceeded my expectations, resulting in the creation of a brand that fills me with pride.
Brand Development, Clients & Testimonials
Dr Monique Camacho

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