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A journey of establishing a strong web presence for Clenergy Kitchen

Red Marketing Case Study

September 11, 2023

Welcome back to our ongoing case study series here at RED Marketing! We’re excited to delve into the next story – how we helped Clenergy Kitchen to establish a robust and impactful web presence. Join us as we walk you through our brand-building adventures step by step.

The client

Introducing our client, a passionate and determined online food business that offered banting, diabetic and vegan-friendly healthy meals. Their goal was to provide restaurant-style dishes, beloved fast-food favourites and indulgent desserts in a way that benefitted consumers’ health. Their dream was to establish a digital platform that not only showcased a wide range of authentic food products, but also served as a portal for food enthusiasts to experience the essence of South Africa’s diverse culinary traditions.

The challenge

Clenergy Kitchen’s major hurdle was low website traffic and online visibility. In the competitive online food market, their site had trouble getting noticed and capturing their desired audience’s attention. Consequently, their fantastic range of South African food remained unseen by potential customers. The lack of organic traffic was a big obstacle to their growth. They heavily depended on paid ads and had difficulty using organic search to attract new customers.

The implementation

Our strategy to address Clenergy Kitchen’s challenges and boost their online presence involved the following key steps:

Keyword research: We started by investigating keyword research, identifying relevant search terms related to South African food products. This helped us uncover hidden keyword opportunities and understand what their target audience was looking for.

On-page optimisation: Equipped with keyword insights, we optimised the website’s on-page elements to match the identified search terms. This included optimising titles, descriptions, headers and URLs to make them both search engine-friendly and user-focused.

Engaging content upgrade: Recognising the value of captivating content, we gave existing product descriptions and blog posts a makeover. We infused them with compelling storytelling and authentic narratives about each product’s origin and cultural significance, creating an emotional bond with potential customers.

Content marketing and link building: To boost authority and visibility, we developed a content marketing strategy. This involved crafting valuable content like informative articles and visually appealing images. By leveraging social media, guest posting and collaborations with influencers, we attracted high-quality backlinks to enhance the website’s credibility.

Local SEO emphasis: Acknowledging the significance of local customers, we implemented a robust local SEO strategy. This included optimising their online presence for local searches, creating and optimising Google My Business (GMB) listings and encouraging positive customer reviews to enhance visibility within South Africa.

The results

By strategically implementing our methods, the following achievements came to fruition:

Organic traffic surge: Our strategic SEO approach quickly led to a remarkable rise in organic traffic. From near obscurity, the website welcomed thousands of daily visitors. This surge not only widened Clenergy Kitchen’s reach, but also exposed their products to a much larger audience.

Top rankings: Our diligent keyword research and on-page optimisation paid off. The website dominated search engine results, outshining competitors and establishing itself as an industry leader. This top ranking attracted customers seeking authentic culinary experiences.

Engaging user experience: Revamped content, enriched with storytelling, transformed the user experience. Visitors were immersed in the history, culture and flavours behind each product, fostering deep emotional connections and driving enquiries, conversions and loyal customer growth.

Strong local presence: Our savvy local SEO strategies resonated with local customers. Optimised local search and Google My Business listings solidified the business’s local foothold, drawing in delighted customers and expanding its local fan base. The Clenergy Kitchen brand became synonymous with authentic flavours, catering to unique culinary journeys.

Whether you’re aiming to climb search engine rankings or establish a formidable online presence, RED Marketing has the tools and expertise to make it happen. Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Contact us at for SA clients or for UK clients.

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